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RN74 Restaurant & Wine Bar

301 Mission St (At Beale)

San Francisco, CA 94105


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RN74 from Michael Mina in the Millennium Tower serves  French-American cuisine. The wine bar has slightly cheaper items. It is named after the highway that goes through the Burgundy region of France. (Inspired by A16?) Mina also runs Bourbon Steak.

Huge 69 page wine list, Jason Berthold’s (French Laundry, Per se) seasonal menus, Wine Bar, and Restaurant. They have wine boards all over the room with a low markup wine board showing today’s bottle specials when only 1 bottle is left.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Interior

Decor- $4.5 million make this a beautiful restaurant with stylish booths, unique walls full of wine listings, and a large elegant bar area. Moderately loud french techno music was blaring. Walkways are cramped though. Folks were mostly well dress locals in their 30’s to 40’s. We even saw Mayor Brown.

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RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Menu

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You can select one item from each section for $48 and save a couple bucks.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Wine Board

Wine Specials


RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Foie Gras Terrine

Foie Gras Terrine ($19) with strawberries, shaved celery, poppy seed marmalade, brioche was excellent. The terrine had a strawberry jello accent on top that perfectly balanced the rich foie gras. Top notch brioche too.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Duck Confit

Liberty Farm Duck Confit ($19) with barley, shitake mushrooms, green garlic, barrel aged tamari had a very nice crispy skin and tender flavorful meat. One of the better confits we’ve had in a while. The barley’s sauce was too heavy and salty.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Grilled Beef Rib Eye

Grilled Grass-Fed Beef ($19) with savoy cabbage, potatoes, thumbelina carrots, bone marrow bordelaise vinagrette was awesome. The meat was tender and flavorful, some of the best steak we’ve had, too bad you could eat it all in 2 bites.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Lamb Loin

Herb-Roasted Lamb Loin ($19) with navarin of chantrelle mushrooms, fava beans, young turnips, mint had some high quality lamb with minimal gaminess. Cooked perfectly and bundles with some nice vegetables.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Maine Sea Scallops

Maine Sea Scallops ($17) with sunchokes, tardivo, lovage, wildflower honey was very good. 2 fresh, big, and perfectly cooked scallops with crispy carmelized tops and some nice accompaniments that infused a sweet flavor.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Halibut

Olive Oil-Poached wild caught halibut ($17) with beech mushrooms, english peas, cippolini onion, watercress was excellent. The portion was on the small side with 3 maybe 4 bites. Cooked just right and accented by the vegetables.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Agnolotti

Spring Garlic Agnolotti ($17) with stinging nettles, asparagus, black truffle, brown butter, castlemango cheese was an excellent pasta.  The truffles turned this dish into something really special. Again portion size was very small.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Chocolate Delice Dessert

Chocolate Delice ($9) Roasted Banana, Brown butter Cashew ice cream was very slick, with a little taste of each item layed out. Very delicious and highly recommended.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Strawberries dessert

Napa Valley Strawberries ($9) Baby Fennel, Pound Cake croutons, basil, creme fraiche sorbet was a beautiful looking but fairly light dessert.  Sorbet was delightful.


RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Marinated Golden Beets

Marinated cold beets ($15) with belgian endive, sicilian pistachios, green peppercorn was a decent salad with nice tasting beet but at this high price, we’d spend $2 more and get a meat dish.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Vanilla Gelato Dessert

Vanilla Gelato ($9) pineapple, olive oil genoise, sea salt was fair.  The pineapple was pretty sour and did not balance out the rest of the dish.


RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Grilled Cobia

Grilled Cobia ($17) with tokyo turnips, broccoli rabe, sour cherry black olive emulsion was a well cooked but the fish itself was too fishy. Stick to the halibut.

RN74 Restaurant and Wine Bar San Francisco Caipirinha Vert

Caipirinha Vert ($10) was way too sour. Espetus makes a mean version. Stick to the wine.

RN74’s service was very good to excellent with it slightly fading as the place filled up. Busy boys were constantly circling, so water was always filled and napkins folded the moment you got up. Our server was pretty knowledgeable and fairly friendly.

Food was excellent as we expected but what surprised us was the small portions. Most folks will need to order the 3 course bundle and a dessert to be full, significantly increasing check prices. The original thoughts of nothing above $17 inferring a low cost meal were not fulfilled. They also add a 4% San  Francisco Health insurance surcharge.

In the end, RN74 made for an excellent dining experience with top notch food, service, and tons of wine options. Michael Mina has done it again.

Update: RN74 has since increased portion size but increased prices. First courses are $13 to $22, main courses $24 to 31.

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RN74 Restaurant & Wine Bar Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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Atmosphere Rating: (Excellent)
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Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:Mon-Fri 1130am - 2pm, Daily 6-10pm
Prices:$15 - $21

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