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San Francisco, CA 94111


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Prather Ranch San Francisco Burger Stand

Prather Ranch Meat Company is a boutique firm that raises grass fed and pastured cattle in North California’s Mt. Shasta area. Their focus is on high quality, sustainable, humanely raised meats in support of a whole-animal sales model. Founded in 2003, they made a name for themselves as one of the first merchants in the Ferry Building.

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Prather Ranch has a shop in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. They produced certified USDA organic beef that is free of hormones or antibiotics, and dry-age their beef 14-21 days. Their meats are sold in their shop and also at various Farmer’s Markets.

American Eatery was added in December 2011 around the corner from the shop.  They serve sandwiches, burgers and the like. They continue to have a booth in the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, selling mainly hot dogs.

Decor, Vibe – Prather Ranch has a stand at the Ferry Building Farmers Market (Tuesday, Saturday) and cooks hamburgers among other items on the grill. They sell cooked $7 breakfast sandwiches, $8/$10 griddle cakes and sausage, $7 hamburgers, $5 Bockwurst sausages during the Farmer’s market. $5 Cooked Hot dogs are sold inside. A better bet is to eat inside at their American Eatery.

They also attend the Danville Farmers Market (Saturdays) and the Campbell Farmers Market (Sundays) year round rain or shine.

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Prather Ranch Picks:

The Hamburger ($9) 6oz dry aged beef, American Cheese ($1), PRMC Bacon ($2) was ordered in their new American Eatery store last in 2014. Same old excellent meat and lots of it, cooked to our requested medium rare, juicy and all housed on an Acme bun. Their definition of medium Very red. Quality meat with good meat flavor along with a very spicy pickle, farmers lettuce and shaved red onion. One of the best burgers in San Francisco.

PRMC Chuck wagon Chili ($7) Zesty beef & pork, Pinquito beans, sharp cheddar, scallions & sour cream was very meaty. Wish they included some crackers for this mild chili.  Perhaps the chili dog is the best compromise.

Hand cut crispy French Fries ($3.50) were a bit expensive for what you get, but high quality nonetheless.


Buffalo Burger ($6) – Too dry and chewy when compared to the regular burger. Much leaner but who’s looking for healthy stuff in a burger?

North Carolina style pulled pork sandwich ($9.50) had tons of pork chunks but was a bit too salty for us in late 2011.

Soda ($3.50) for a fancy soda fountain dispensed drink is too expensive.

Service is not the best in the world and it takes about 10 minutes to get your burger. Prather Ranch Meat Company sells some of the tastiest meat around, making their burger one of the best around. We ate sitting down by the railings as did others, not the most comfortable location but such is life. American Eatery inside the Ferry Building brings this feast out daily.

Restaurant Serpentine and Magnolia Pub & Brewery, both in San Francisco also serve a burger with Prather Ranch meat. You can also buy some meat, bring it home, and roll your own. We have bought their steaks and lamb in the past. They were both excellent meats. Also try the Porchetta sandwich next door at Roli Roti or Il Cane Rosso. Pearl’s in San Francisco is currently our top burger pick.
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Prather Ranch Meat Company Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Hours:Tu,Sat 10am-2pm
Prices:$5 - $10

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