Whole Foods Market Bistro Review, Cupertino

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Whole Foods Market Bistro

20830 Stevens Creek Blvd

Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 257-7000

Whole Foods Market Bistro Website

Whole Foods Bistro Exterior

Whole Foods aka ‘Whole Paycheck’, is an upscale supermarket specializing in organic and other special foods.

Whole Foods Bistro Interior

The Cupertino, California location is one of the few that has a quaint sit down Bistro aka small restaurant in the middle of it. We were shopping there and could resist stopping for a burger test. They have a limited menu, with soups, salads, pasta, burgers, and sandwiches. You can sit on the counter and watch them prepare your food.

Menu pics

Whole Foods Bistro Menu 2

Whole Foods Bistro Menu



Whole Foods Bistro Burger

Whole Foods Bistro bistro burger

bistro burger ($6.99) with sharp cheddar ($1) and applewood bacon ($1) was massive and made of ‘fresh country natural beef sirloin’. It even comes with fries, so this is a pretty good deal.  The meat was overcooked and not juicy, even though we asked for medium rare.  The burger had a slightly heavy beef flavor to it. The bun was average.  Fries were on the mushy side. Bacon was way too salty. This burger is of good value but its quality is only slightly above average.


The service was ok, they really just serve you the food, you order from the register. If you are shopping at this Whole Foods and need a quick meal, this place is very conveninet. It is not worth a special trip to visit though. Prices are very reasonable. The burger was not on par with places like Mo’s or Custom burger in San Francisco.

Whole Foods Market Bistro Overall Rating: (Average 1.5)

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Hours:M-F 11am-8pm. Sat/Sun 8am-2pm
Prices:$5.99 - 9.99

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