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iPhone 3GS smart phone

Be sure to secure your iPhone whenever you travel. Precautions will help prevent disaster.

The iPhone is an essential tool when traveling to Germany for Americans. Google maps, travel guides, language translation, and many other apps are extremely useful. Using our United States, USA AT&T iPhone in Germany is tricky. Verizon iPhones from the USA do not work internationally. Here are some tips on using your iPhone in Germany. We also have an article on:

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You can only use foreign SIM cards in an unlocked iPhone. Jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones are not easy tasks. (We use and Be sure to change your default SSH password.

One slip and you may have bricked your expensive smartphone. We recommend buying a pre-jailbroken/unlocked used iPhone from eBay or Craigslist. iPhone 3GS’s typically cost around $150. Make sure you carry a paper clip with you.

This article also applies to the iPhone 4, 4S and iPad 3G, but you need to cut the SIM into a microSIM.

The main cellphone carriers in Germany are Vodafone and T-Mobile.


Vodafone Germany iPhone SIM

Vodafone SIM card package

Vodafone sells the iPhone in Germany and runs a high speed 3G network compatible with it. We bought a Vodafone Callya-Starterpaket with a SIM for € 9.95. This is also known as CY Package Mappe 10 Euro Stgh. We then added €15 to this card.

The tariff we selected is the Call Ya Open End Internet – web sessions for €12.95. This is good for 7 days and 1 gigabyte of data transfer.

The SIM comes with a 4 digit pin code printed in the documentation. This needs to be entered whenever you turn on your phone. You can go into Settings to disable this feature.

These SIM cards lasts for six months. If you own a smartphone that needs a Micro-SIM, such as the iPhone 4, 4S, the store selling you the SIM card should snip it for you.

We suggest you purchase your Vodafone SIM card from one of their stores to ensure you do not get ripped off. We bought ours from the Vodafone Munich store at Marienplatz 28, right next to the Apple store.

Vodafone requires you to manually set the APN in Settings to:

You need to manually open a browser window to: – refresh this page which also shows your data usage, whenever you establish a new connection.

These instructions should work for other smartphones including Android based smartphones that support US GSM networks from AT&T and T-Mobile.

Restaurant Map:

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