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  • Grace Garden Restaurant Review, Burlingame

    Grace Garden Restaurant Review, Burlingame

    Posted by Foodnut.com

    Reviewer: Foodnut.com

    Grace Garden

    1200 Broadway

    Burlingame, CA 94012

    (650) 343-3322

    Grace Garden Burlingame Exterior

    Grace Garden is a Chinese restaurant specializing in (as they say term it) Mandarin, Szechuan, Hunan, and Peking cuisine. Seeing this line scared us, as no restaurant can specialize in this wide variety of food.

    They don’t list Korean, but clearly there is some Korean influence on the place (like San Tung in San Francisco). This family restaurant has been located in the Burlingame Broadway shopping district for over 15 years. Our last visit was in the middle of 2013.

    Grace Garden Interior

    The generic decor is typical for a Chinese restaurant, with many locals and families dining when we visited. Grace Garden is not a large restaurant, it’s a typical mom and pop local place.

    Grace Garden Menu

    They have an English menu with some standard Americanized Chinese dishes and a Chinese menu with the real stuff. Specials – On Main Menu too. They have several different menus, so ask for the English one with more detail.

    Grace Garden Food Picks:

    Grace Garden Burlingame Dumplings

    Boiled Shrimp Dumplings ($7.50) gets you a dozen hot home made dumplings with shrimp filling. Decent quality and hot out of the kitchen. We also tried their pork and leek dumplings. ($6.50)  These are bigger than average and still of good quality.
    Preferred the ones at San Tung in San Francisco, but these were fine too.

    Grace Garden Burlingame Pancake

    Grace Garden Burlingame Scallion Pancake

    Scallion Pancake ($5.95) was pretty huge and fresh out of the kitchen. Crispy and delectable.

    Home Made Noodles ($6.75) were hand pulled and were of the more plain type. We opted not to get spicy sauce on it, which would make it zha jiang mian. Real good and fresh noodles.  Only 1 skimpy shrimp and 1 broccoli in this dish. Quality of noodle is better than San Tung.

    Grace Garden Burlingame Beef Noodle Soup

    Beef Noodle Soup ($7.50) is a classic Taiwanese dish that they do well. The broth has bold flavors and the eggless noodles are made in house.

    Grace Garden Burlingame Sweet and Sour Pork

    Sweet and Sour Pork ($8.25) is a typical American dish that was cooked superbly. Fresh out of the fryer, not too sweet, and ample quantity.


    Grace Garden Burlingame String Beans

    Sauteed String Beans in Szechuan Sauce ($7.25) comes spicy if you want some heat.  Pretty average dish, nothing special, but not bad. Beans were fresh, sauce was not too salty. A better version includes Tofu, it isn’t on the menu, so ask for it.

    Xia Long Bao ($6.50) were small dumplings served in the bamboo steamer. Hot and somewhat juicy, but not too large in size. Lacking in flavor, order these at Millbrae’s Shanghai Dumpling Shop instead.

    The service was friendly, they have waitresses who speak English and can help you navigate the long menu.

    This is a slightly above average restaurant, worth a visit if you like this type of cuisine and are in the vicinity.  Dumplings and noodles are the food they specialize in. Probably not a good idea to go their for generic Chow mein and Sweet and sour.

    Grace Garden on Urbanspoon

    Grace Garden Overall Rating: (Good 2)

    Come Back?

    Food Rating: (Very Good)
    Service Rating: (Good)
    Atmosphere Rating: (Average)
    Value Rating: (Very Good)

    Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

    Alcohol:Beer, Wine
    Hours:Mon, Wed-Sun 11am-10pm
    Prices:$4.95 - $11.95
    Posted on June 6th, 2013
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