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  • Restaurant Guy Savoy, Restaurant Review, Paris, France

    Restaurant Guy Savoy Restaurant Review, Paris, France

    Posted by Foodnut.com

    Reviewer: Foodnut.com

    Restaurant Guy Savoy

    18 rue Troyon

    75017 Paris, France, CA

    33 (0)1 43 80 40 61

    33 (0)1 46 22 43 09 (Fax)

    Restaurant Guy Savoy Website

    Guy Savoy Paris France Exterior Decor

    Restaurant Guy Savoy (Pronounced G Savoy) is a three Michelin star restaurant in Paris named after the chef owner, who often greets visitors. The Arc de Triomphe is just a couple blocks from here. It was opened back in 1980 and earned 3 stars for the first time in 2002. Guy Savoy has a location in Caesar’s Las Vegas as well as less formal restaurants in Paris. His motto, “Cuisine is the art of instantaneously turning produce suffused with history into happiness.”  We had eaten at Guy Savoy Las Vegas and were hesitant to eat here, but one step in the door, eased our fears.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Dining Table Arrangement

    The menu changes seasonally. They had a 100€ special menu on their website for web visitors when we visited. You can order a la carte or select a prix fixe menu at 275€ or 345€ ($510!). Yes this is about twice as expensive as French Laundry. We decided to limit the damage, so we ordered a la carte. They start the evening with a big warm greeting at the door. After you are seated you move on to the champagne cart.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Champagne Cart

    Bring on the Drink Cart

    Guy Savoy Paris France Interior Decor

    Decor, Vibe – Dark African paneled walls and rich leather adorn the dining room, which is more modern than many three star restaurants. Multiple dining rooms, with some semi private ones. Lots of nice paintings and sculpture lines Guy Savoy. The restaurant was 70% full, with a mix of mostly well dressed locals and some tourists.

    Menu Pictures (Click to zoom into any picture)

    Guy Savoy Paris France Menu 1

    English menu

    Guy Savoy Paris France Menu 2

    Website MenuFull Menu Picture Set

    Guy Savoy Paris France Amuse Bouche Foie Gras

    Amuse Bouche of Foie Gras Terrine and toast on a stick. Very smooth and silky.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Amuse Bouche Tomatoes on a shell

    Amuse Bouche of very fresh heirloom Tomatoes on a crispy filo shell.


    Vendanges tardives (30€) – Late harvest wine. Expensive, fruity, very sweet, a great start to a memorable meal.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Bread Cart Pain

    Bread cart was overwhelming. We wanted to try a little of everything and in the end we did. They rotate to a new bread with every dish. Everything was freshly baked and excellent. The seaweed butter was unusual but a welcome change.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Salade de homard Brenton Lobster Salad

    Salade de homard breton encore tiede (92€) – Medalions of Brenton lobster served warm, “soft jelly”, lobster coral vinagrette and purslane leaf salad. Tons of tender lobster meat, this must have been one huge 2+ pound lobster. Lite red vinagrette dressing worked well with the tender lobster. Crispy red chips. This was hearty enough for two people.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Tout Petit pois Jellow of raw peas

    Tout Petit pois en demi (Complimentary – 55€) – “Jellow” of raw peas topped with creamed pea puree, soft-poached egg and a salad of peas and curly watercress with chive oil. Slice of toasted round-loaf bread. This is a very light and subtle dish with peas at their best.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Soupe d artichau Artichoke and black truffle soup

    Artichoke and black truffle soup

    Guy Savoy Paris France Truffle butter brioche

    Brioche with Truffle butter

    Soupe d’artichaut a la truffe noire (82€) Artichoke and black truffle soup, slices of black truffles and parmesan shavings. Layered brioche with mushrooms, spread with truffle butter. This is a signature dish and a must get for a truffle fan. Probably the most expensive soup we’ve had but well worth it for the smooth zingy flavors and textures. They even gave us extra brioche to mop up the silky soup.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Canette rotie Roast Duck

    Duck Presentation

    Duck Carving Video

    Guy Savoy Paris France Canette rotie Roast Duck carved

    Duck Breast

    Guy Savoy Paris France Canette rotie Roast Duck Frisse salad

    Duck Leg and Salad

    Canette rotie a l’ancienne for 2 persons (135€) – Oven roasted duckling is carved tableside, and served with ducking jus with bay and black currant leaves. Crispy and tender turnip pancakes with carmelized sweet onions, crispy potato panckes. Excellent duck, clearly some of the best around. Cooked perfectly to a medium rare. Some of blueberries in the dish were really tart. This dish is a must for any duck fan. These French ducks taste different than American ones.
    Next dish is a duck leg quarter with frissee salad. Duck overload.

    Verre de Bellegrave (20€) Glass of Bellegrave Chardonny. Expensive but a good match for the canette.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Pre Dessert Ice Cream popsicles

    Pre dessert of fun little ice cream pops. Strawberry and Chocolate.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Pre Dessert stuffed Strawberry Raspberry Marshmellow

    Pre dessert of Strawberry, Raspberry and marshmallow stuffed with strawberry puree.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Fondant Chocolat Chocolate Fondant Cake

    Fondant Chocolat (35€) Awesome soft chocolate fondant cake with crispy layered praline and chicory cream. A MUST get for anyone liking chocolate. Very dark chocolate, crunchy nuts. We remembered this one from Guy Savoy Las Vegas.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Prune Sorbet

    Prune sorbet was very low on flavor. Perhaps so you do not have to visit the restroom.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Chariot Dessert Trolley

    Chariot des glaces, sorbets, les bocaux et biscuits d’autrefois (Complimentary – 35€) – Trolley of ice creams, sorbets, conserves, and traditional biscuits. Wow what a selection. Rice pudding, carmel cream, prunes in whine and spices, chocolate mousse, “diamond” shortcake, chocolate-vanilla macaroons, marshmallows, cheesecake, pies, wafers, chocolate sweets, dried fruit, and almond cakes. Have anything or a little of everything. Yes it is costs US$50+, but this is Paris. Everything tasted fabulous, wish we had room for more.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Tea and Lemon Sorbets

    Tea and lemon Sorbet were nice palate cleansers with both with toned down flavors.

    Guy Savoy Paris France apple tart

    Warm apple tart was delicious. The pastry part was like eating a croissant.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Marshmellows Macaroons

    White marshmallows were very decadent. Pure soft sweetness. The macaroons were top notch. As good as any patisserie.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Dessert Coma

    Dessert coma hit us. Look at this table full of goodies.


    Guy Savoy Paris France Agneau croustillant mouelleux Roast Lamb

    Agneau croustillant-moelleux a la graine de legumes (92€) – Split portion. Crispy and tender lamb. Thin sliced roasted saddle of lamb, stuffed and braised shoulder of lamb and roasted lamb ribs accompanied with vegetable semolina, chick pea puree and lamb stock. This dish was the only dish of the evening that was just fair. There was a lot of lamb meat, some of it overcooked. We should have ordered the Turbot.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Coconut Dessert

    Coco (35€) Coconut Dessert. Tapioca cooked in coconut milk, accompanied by coconut shavings and a coconut water sorbet. It sounded good on paper but their was way too little flavor to this dish. It would be only ok as a pre dessert palate cleanser.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Textures de fraises Strawberry Dessert

    textures de fraises (Complimentary – 35) – A refreshingly light combination of strawberry granité, jam, fruit juice and razor thin strawberry chips was fruity and a nice palate cleanser before dessert. Strawberry overload, but elements were unbalanced and too tart. The granite helped to tone down the flavors, but the dish over all was way too sour.


    Guy Savoy Paris France Plate Gift

    Nice Gift Plate

    Restaurant Guy Savoy had some of the best service we encountered. They were warm, accommodating, and friendly, even allowing us to see the state of the art kitchen.

    Guy Savoy Paris France Kitchen

    Compact and super clean kitchen accommodating 18 people plus 6 more helpers.

    Several items were complimentary above and beyond what was expected. All this without having the feeling that we were being watched. Not once did we have to track down a server, everything was anticipated. You get the table for the evening and are treated like a royalty.

    Prices are high but typical of the best in Paris. We would come back in a heartbeat. Having dined at Guy Savoy’s Las Vegas location and knowing that the 2 menus are very similar, we would still put the Paris one in another league. Service, location, decor, and even food are superior in Paris. This was definitely one of our most memorable meals.

    Budget foodie? Come for lunch as it costs about half. Menus with English are available. Metro: Charles-de-galle-Etoile

    Other must visit places in Paris include Le Cinq and Josephine Chez Dumonet.

    Restaurant Guy Savoy Overall Rating: (Extraordinary! 4)

    Come Back?

    Food Rating: (Super)
    Service Rating: (Extraordinary)
    Atmosphere Rating: (Excellent)
    Value Rating: (Very Good)

    Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

    Alcohol:Beer, Wine
    Hours:Tu - Fri Noon - 2pm, 7 - 1030pm, Sat 7 - 1030pm
    Parking:Paid Valet
    Prices:100€ Web Lunch Special, 180 - 345€
    Posted on October 5th, 2009
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