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  • Jardin de Jade - Jade Garden - Su Zhe Hui - Restaurant Review, Beijing, Shanghai, China, Shanghai Cuisine

    Jardin de Jade – Jade Garden – Su Zhe Hui Restaurant Review, Beijing, Shanghai, China

    Posted by Foodnut.com

    Reviewer: Foodnut.com

    Jardin de Jade

    Raycom Info Tech Park C, No. 2 Ke Xue Yuan South Road, Zhong Guan Cun

    Beijing, China


    Jardin de Jade Website

    Jade Garden Beijing China Exterior

    Jardin de Jade or Jade Garden Restaurant (Chinese Name: 苏浙汇 – Su Zhe Hui) serves Shanghai cuisine and has locations in Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, and Beijing. They are part of King Mang Jade Garden Group’s high-end restaurant brand and launched in 1999. In the Summer of 2009, we visited the Beijing location for lunch, which was located in the Raycom Info Tech Park that is home to many technology companies. In the Summer of 2010, we had dinner at a Shanghai location near People’s Square, which was located above a Porsche dealership.

    Other Shanghai reviews: 2010 Shanghai mini Restaurant Reviews, Din Tai Fung, Fu 1039, Jardin de Jade – Jade Garden Jia Jia Tang Bao, South Beauty, Yang’s Fry Dumplings, 6Sens Shanghai Expo.

    A nice 88 ¥ lunch special was available but the entire table needs to order it. They have an extensive menu with lots of expensive shark’s fin, abalone, and fresh seafood.

    Jade Garden Beijing China Interior Decor

    Decor, Vibe – Jardin de Jade has minimalist clean high tech Asian decor, high ceilings, and translucent glass partitions, lots of dark wood. Private rooms for the VIPs. Many fellow luncher were professionals from the nearby high tech firms. No doubt on expense accounts.  The Shanghai location was similar with a beautiful huge chandelier dividing the room.

    Menu Pictures (Click to zoom into any picture)

    Jade Garden Beijing China Menu 39

    Specials menu

    Jade Garden Beijing China Menu 41

    Jade Garden Beijing China Menu 40

    Jardin de Jade Full menu

    Jardin de Jade Full Image Set


    Jade Garden Beijing China Tea Smoked Duck

    Jade Garden Beijing China Buns

    Jardin de Jade Jasmine Tea Smoked Duck (40 or 78¥) was simply awesome and included little buns. Unlike the ones in the USA that are deep fried and greasy, this one was prepared in an oven. Perfect skin and medium rare meat. Good smokey flavor. In Shanghai, we got duck that was on the tough side.

    Jade Garden Beijing China Special Chicken in spring onion oil

    Chicken with ginger soaked in spring onion oil (32¥) was steam chicken served in an oily garlic, green onion sauce. Also a perfect dish. Very delicious meat in a savory sauce.

    Jade Garden Beijing China Steamed Reeves Shad Fish

    Jade Garden Beijing China Fish Serving

    Steamed Reeves Shad (288¥) is their House Special that we had to order. We got a 5lb fish that came steamed and then plated by the waitress. Scales were still on the fish and bones were all over. It had rice wine sauce and some aged ham on top. This dish was excellent and is a must get.

    Jade Garden Beijing China Xiao Long Bao Dumplings

    Jade Garden Beijing China Xiao Long Bao Inside


    Xiao Long Bao – Steamed pork dumplings (22¥) were excellent, some of the best we have had. This should be no surprise as they are based in Shanghai, ground zero for this dish. They were slightly droopy dumplings filled with a ton of piping hot soup. Very thin wrapper, very good pork inside. We might have to fly to Shanghai just for this dish!

    Jade Garden Beijing China Shanghai style Noodles

    Sauteed Noodles Shanghai style (18¥) with a little spinach were very good. White, thin egg noodles that appeared hand pulled. A very simple staple.

    Jade Garden Beijing China Fried Eggplant with soy and ginger sauce

    Fried Eggplant with soy and ginger sauce (38¥) was cubed and then steamed and served in a lite ginger garlic sauce. Simple, tasty, light, and healthy.

    Jade Garden Beijing China Eight Treasure Rice

    Eight Treasure Rice with pumpkin purée (22¥) was a great dessert dish. It was covered in with a sweet sauce but in the end, did not taste too sweet. It was filled with nuts, lotus filling, and all sorts of little items.

    Traditional steamed grass shrimp with garlic and vermicelli (78) is a classic Shanghai dish although the shells were a bit of a pain. Very garlicky which worked well with the vermicelli noodles.

    Smoked fish in sweet soy sauce (38) is another classic dish that was just perfect. Bones are still present though.

    Steamed partridge soup seabed coconut (38) was a very good long boiled soup with lots of bird flavor to the broth, but not a medicinal flavor.

    Braised abalone mushrooms in chicken sauce (38) was very good with lots of mushrooms and some small tender vegetables.

    Free fruit on ice at the end of the meal.


    Jade Garden Beijing China Pan Fried Pork Buns

    Pan Fried Pork Buns (15¥ for 3) looked good but were average. Too thick a skin, lower fried crust was not very crispy. Pork inside tasted ok.

    Jade Garden Beijing China Pork Wonton soup

    Pork with Vegetables Wonton soup (22¥) had good soup but the wontons were too big and the filling tasted funny.

    Jade Garden Beijing China Hot and Sour soup

    Hot and sour soup (32¥) was average. Tender tofu, egg drop, lots of mushrooms, but overall it was lacking in flavor.

    Jade Garden Beijing China Pea Shots

    Sauteed Pea shoots were fine (20¥). Fresh, cooked correctly, nothing special.

    Marinated chicken in Shaoxing wine (30) was served cold with strong wine flavor over shadowing the chicken’s moderate flavor.


    Jade Garden Beijing China Sweet and Sour Ribs

    Sweet and sour ribs (18 or 32¥) with broccoli were very meaty but the sauce was too neutral. It needed to be sweet or slightly zesty. The rib meat did fall right off the bone. The waiter recommended this dish..

    Jardin de Jade had very good service without stationing a waiter next to our table. They did plate changes and tea refills were just fine. Prices are on par with other restaurants of this caliber and quality was high. Having ordered far too many dishes, we found some excellent ones that are a must order. We have no problem recommending this restaurant and would visit their other locations, especially the ones in Shanghai. They have English descriptions on most of their menus.  Another must visit restaurant in Shanghai, China is Fu1039.

    Also at:

    288 Nanjing W. Rd, Chong Hing Financial Centre Floor 3
    Shanghai, China

    877 Dongfang Lu
    Pudong, Shanghai, China

    Huaihai Zhong Lu
    127 Maoming S. Rd, Shanghai, China
    Phone: +86(21)54037028

    388 Zhaojiabang Rd, Huatai Bldg Floor 1-2, Shanghai, China
    Phone: +86(21)64159918

    10 Shajing Rd, 1933 Shanghai Floor 3, Shanghai, China
    Phone: +86(21)33779090

    895 Dalian Rd, Shanghai, China
    Phone: +86(21)55955385

    Century Park
    200135 Pudong
    300 Fangdian Rd, Lian Yang Square Floor 3, Shanghai, China
    Phone: +86(21)68540707

    7388 Humin Rd, Southern Friendship Store Floor 6 #1010, Shanghai, China
    Phone: +86(21)34532388

    1121 Yan’an Middle Rd, Shanghai, China
    Phone: +86(21)62485155

    Jiahui International Center,
    No.6, Jiqing Li, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Su Zhe Restaurant (Guomao Branch)
    Location: 2/F, West Bldg, Guomao Mansion, No.1, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Su Zhe Restaurant (Zhongliang Square Branch)
    Location: 4/F, Bldg C, Zhongliang Square, No.8, Jianguomennei Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing

    Su Zhe Restaurant (Hangtianqiao Branch)
    Location: 1-2/F, Jinyu Mansion, No.100, Xisanhuan Beilu, Haidian District, Beijing

    Jardin de Jade Overall Rating: (Excellent 3)

    Come Back?

    Food Rating: (Excellent)
    Service Rating: (Good)
    Atmosphere Rating: (Very Good)
    Value Rating: (Good)

    Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

    Alcohol:Beer, Wine
    Hours:Daily 11am - 11pm
    Prices:22 - 608 ¥
    Posted on September 12th, 2009
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