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Beijing Restaurant

1801 Alemany Blvd (At Ocean)

San Francisco, CA 94112


415–333–8183 (Fax)

Beijing Restaurant Website

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco Exterior

Beijing Restaurant is a new Beijing style Chinese restaurant in San Francisco’s Excelsior district that opened in early 2009. Located a couple blocks off Highway 280 near City College, this place has gotten lots of hype on Chowhound. It is a family owned place that focuses on authentic Beijing dishes. Basketball player Yao Ming had been here 2 days earlier to one of our visits. We dined here last in October 2010. They also run Beijing Restaurant #2 on Irving and 40th Ave that opened November 2010.

We dined at Beijing Restaurant #2 in late 2011 and found the food of similar quality but the addition of Peking Duck to the menu.

Here are some reviews of some interesting places we have been to in Beijing: Old Beijing Zhajing Noodle HouseDa Dong Roast Duck

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco Interior

Decor, Vibe – Beijing Restaurant is of small 12 table restaurant with typical basic Chinese restaurant decor. A mix is Asians, Hispanics, and Causaians were dining when we were there. Most were eating inexpensive lunch rice plates. Lots of to go activity was occurring as this restaurant does a lot of to go business. The Irving location is just as small.

Beijing Restaurant Menu Pictures (Click to zoom into any picture)

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco Menu 2

Beijing Specials are the best bets

Beijing Restaurant has over 150 different items from Americanized broccoli beef to their Beijing specialties. Be sure to concentrate on these specialties. Prices went up about 10% from our last visit.

Beijing Restaurant Website menu

Beijing Restaurant Picks: (Worth Ordering)

Only at the Irving Street location Peking Duck ($38.95) in Three Parts. This is a huge dish, so make sure you call ahead and bring at least three hungry foodies.
Part A, House Made Duck Soup – The soup included the duck along with tofu, Napa cabbage, and vermicelli noodles. While the broth was not as potent as Koi Palace, this was still a solid soup. They kindly refilled the broth when we have finished most of it.

Part B, Slice Peking Duck with hand made pancake (8 pancakes, including dipping sauce, cucumber, shredded green onions) – Easily exceeded our modest expectations. Crispy skin, liberal amounts of meat under the skin, super thin pancakes, and very nice flavors to the duck. While this did not taste like true Peking duck we’ve had in Beijing, this was pretty darn good.

Part C, Salt and Pepper Peking Duck – They took chunks of the duck and deep fried them in a light, eggless batter. The results were crispy, slightly greasy, salty, and still pretty boney. This dish had to be eaten with care as the bones are not chewable.

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco Beijing meat pancake

Beijing Beef Pancake ($7.95) had lots of beef sandwiched between layers of a pan fried scallion pancake. A very good version especially when eaten fresh and hot as the bottom gets greasy fast.  We also had the version with egg and found it hot and tasty.

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco Sweet and sour pork ribs

Sweet and sour pork ribs ($8.50) were tender chopped riblets with a lightly sweetened sauce. Good implementation of the classic.

40. Sweet and Sour Pork ($7.50) was an excellent version with freshly fried meat and a very tangy sauce. Eat it hot!

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco lamb skewers

7. Fried Lamb Skewers ($5.95 for 4) were deep friend with cumin. Hot spices on the side. Crunchy, slightly gamey, but good.

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco Fried Potato tower

Tower of Fried potatoes or heung lat guan see ($9.95) is not on the menu but can be ordered by asking nicely. Crispy thinly cut potatoes drenched in a zesty slightly hot/sweet/sour sauce. Very yummy with the included sauce.  The owners had a modern dish like this in Beijing and wanted to recreate it here. The Irving location could not make this dish.

Another off the menu dish is Pigs Feet Beijing Style. We have an excuse to come back now!

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco House special eggplant

47. House Special Eggplant ($7.50) was awesome. Tender eggplant with chicken and a little shrimp with a slightly sweet sauce. The picture makes it looked pretty plain, but this dish is a must get.

31. Cumin Lamb ($9.95) large quantities of thinly sliced with cumin, dried chilies, bell peppers was a spicy and excellent dish. Good lamb flavor made this one of the best versions in this area. Beijing Restaurant uses both cumin powder and cumin seeds in this dish. No greasy like other places.

73. Stirred Flour Ball with Three Flavors ($8.25) was a stir-fried mix of beige colored diced wheat flour bits topped with a couple slices of shrimp, fish, and chicken. A Shanghai rice cake like dish, with lots of zucchini and peas and carrots rounded out this solid home style cooked dish. We also tried the version with chicken and another with lamb and found it equally as good. The flower balls will test your chopstick skills.

Sauteed Pork Liver Beijing Style ($9.95) is a classic dish full of strong flavored liver with a bit of a kick.

House special hot chicken wings ($8.95) were piping hot out of the fryer and stellar. Not overly spicy, tender and juicy on the inside. Messy but worth it. Up there with San Tung’s.

Fried Sweet Cake Beijing Style dessert ($6.95) is also not on the menu and is a version of a Pan Fried Red Bean Dumplings or a chopped up dim sum style Sesame ball. A sprinkle of sugar on top of the fairly low key red bean.  It was even better the next day when we pan fried it.

Homemade Chilled milk pudding was available at the Irving Street location. They were kind enough to let us try one. Very smooth with light milk flavors. On our next visit, they did not have any.

OK: (Order if you like this food)

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco Beef Noodle Soup

Beef Noodle soup ($7.95) had hand pulled noodles in a simple broth. Thinly sliced beef cold cuts topped it off. Average, perhaps the Beijing Noodles with special sauce is the way to go.

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco Pork Dumplings

64. West Lake Lamb Dumpling ($7.50) were a bundle of dumplings with ground up filling. Fair, not as good as San Tung’s. They were better pan fried the next day as left overs.

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco Lamb Dumplings

65. Nappa with Pork Dumpling ($7.95) were a bundle of dumplings with ground up pork. Also fair, not as good as San Tung’s.

37. Five-color Vegetables with Beijing Clear Noodles ($12.95) was another modern dish made with fairly stiff home-made mung bean noodles tossed with julienned cucumber, sliced red and green peppers, bits of pork, lots of cilantro, brown sauce, and strips of scrambled egg. A big salad that is interesting but overdone with cilantro. Reminded us of Burma Super Star’s salad.

46. Hot Brasied Beef Tendon ($9.95) came with lots of chewy tendons a ring of Shanghai baby bok choy and seemed more like a Cantonese Chinese dish than a Beijing one.

Pans: (Don’t Order)

Beijing Restaurant San Francisco Hot and sour soup

16. Hot and sour soup ($5.50 for small) was a bad implementation of the classic. Avoid it.

Beijing Restaurant had decent friendly service with food coming fast and refills offered on a timely basis. This restaurant offers up some very good Beijing Chinese food and at reasonable prices. Don’t come here for Kung Pao chicken or Hot and sour soup, stick to items on their Beijing special list. We can easily recommend this place and would love to explore the menu further.

Also at:
Beijing Restaurant #2
3925 Irving St. (between 40th and 41st Ave.)
San Francisco, CA 94122


Beijing Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Beijing Restaurant 2 on Urbanspoon

Beijing Restaurant Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine
Hours:Daily 11am - 9pm
Prices:$3.25 - $9.95
Posted on November 22nd, 2010
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