Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant Review, San Francisco

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Joe\\\'s Cable Car Restaurant

4320 Mission St (At Silver)

San Francisco, CA 94112


Joe\\\'s Cable Car Restaurant Website

Joes Cable Car Restaurant Exterior

Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant was recently featured on the Food Network Channel show “Diners, Drive-in’s and Dive’s”. They been around since 1965 and proudly ground their own chuck. It is located in the Mission Terrace area, serves sit down diners, has to go and has its own parking lot. They serve burgers but also have sandwiches and hot dogs.

Joes Cable Car Restaurant Interior

Decor, Vibe – Neon lite up decor with lots of lights for the holidays. Classic diner booths with families and locals of all ages eating.

Menu Pictures

Website Menu

What was dish (Price), what in it, Presentation, and why good or bad

Joes Cable Car Restaurant Hamburger

The Cable Fresh Ground Beef Steak ($9.75) with 4oz patty, Cheddar cheese (+$0.85), all the usually fixings was cooked correctly to a desired medium rare. The burger tasted good with a lot of meat flavor. The cheese was average as was the bun. All in all, this was a decent, solid burger but not as good as the best.

Joes Cable Car Restaurant Onion Rings

Onion Rings ($3.50 small) were delicious. Very crispy, perfectly battered and fried.


Joes Cable Car Restaurant French Fries

French Fries ($2.25 small) were pretty average. Decent potatoes, but nothing outstanding.


Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant took about 10 minutes to cook and serve the freshly made burger. We would place this above fast food places like In and Out, but would not rank it as high as Pearl’s, Polker’s, Mo’s, Burgermeister, or Custom Burger.
If you were near them and wanted a solid burger, do not hesitate going. Prices are on the high side, as they see this more of a sit down restaurant than a fast food joint.

Joe's Cable Car on Urbanspoon

Joe\\\'s Cable Car Restaurant Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Atmosphere Rating: (Good)
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Alcohol:Beer, Wine
Hours:Daily 11am-11pm
Parking:Free Lot
Prices:$9.75 - $14.25
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Posted on February 4th, 2009
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3 Responses to “Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant Review, San Francisco”

  1. J.Wilson Says:

    Appallingly overpriced. Even though the meat is freshly ground and trimmed there, it’s only ground chuck and for over $14 for the medium sized burger alone it should have been filet mignon. They nickle and dime you to death by charging extra for everything; cheese, grilled onions, fries and drinks were all extra. The drink prices aren’t even listed on the menu so you have to ask the waitress for the prices (as if a coke is some kind of fine wine) or just order and take your chances. Restaurant shtick in it’s highest form.
    Food is fast-food-place slightly above average.
    Bottom line: Outrageous rip off (read; empty your wallet here)

  2. Rick Says:

    I was first tuned into Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on a trip to Portland for my birthday. I

    love greasy spoons so we made our way over to the Byways Cafe (yummy yummy). From then I was

    hooked, we’ve been on a couple trips so far like Utah and Chicago which was awesome! Plan on

    hitting up a few more soon.

  3. Eddie Says:

    Overpriced and for ground CHUCK at that? Oh and they charge you $6.00 if you want to split you $12 hamburger in half to share with a friend. Robbery without a gun!

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